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Effortlessly manage and track your advertising campaigns and banners on WordPress using our ad management plugin for WordPress.

Transform your WordPress site into a powerful WordPress Ad Server with ease!.

The CM Ad Manager is a plugin that enables website owners to manage multiple banner advertising campaigns across multiple WordPress sites simultaneously.

The Ad Management plugin provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing ad campaigns, allowing for an unlimited number of banners and ad campaigns to be created and used.

Administrator Settings

The plugin offers a range of settings, including customizable ad campaign dates, days of the week, and, in the pro version, the ability to set a maximum number of impressions or clicks per banner.

The Ad manager plugin allows website administrators to manage and restrict the display of banner ads on posts and pages using specific campaign parameters.

Ad Campaigns Settings

The Ad Management plugin support mobile responsive ads, popup ads, html ads, video ads and banner ad rotation.

Users can also choose the weight of each individual banner and choose optimal times to run ad campaigns.

Ad Manager Premium Edition

The Ad Manager Plugin Premium edition includes even more powerful features, such as: more campign restriction options, notifications, more campain types, support for multiple sites from one ad manager and many more.

Ad Server Plugin Introduction Video


  • Ad Management – Manage banners within your site.
  • Ad Rotation – Show rotating images/banners anywhere in your site.
  • Random Ads – Show random images/banners anywhere in your site.
  • Messure Conversions – Measure banner conversion.
  • Messure Impressions – Count banner impressions.
  • Cloud Support – Serve banners from a cloud storage
  • AdSense Support – Support for AdSense Campaigns
  • Responsive Ads – Select and serve banner according to device screen size
  • Ad Server – Build an ad server connected with several client simultaneously.
  • HTML / Text Ads – Support HTML / Text Ads and campaigns.
  • Video Ads – Support Video based Ads and campaigns.

Basic Features

  • Includes impression & clicks count per each banner
  • Each campaign can serve banners randomly or selectively.
  • Each banner can has it’s own weight allowing it to have more impressions when selected randomly
  • Each banner can have a unique target URL
  • Ads are inserted into post / pages using shortcode.
  • Shortcode support debug mode
  • Shortcode also includes ability to wrap banner with div.
  • Can run several campaigns simultaneously
  • Each campaign can manage unlimited number of images / banners.

Pro Version Features

Pro Version Detailed Feature List | Demo Site

  • HTML Campaigns – Campaigns can display custom HTML content / Ads (set by WYSIWYG editor)
  • Video Campaigns – Campaigns can display Video content takes from video networks or set by user
  • Campaign Groups – Campaigns can now be grouped so you can display the Image/HTML/AdSense Campaigns with one shortcode! Campaign Groups Guide.
  • AdSense – Support Google AdSense Campaigns.
  • Cloud Storage – Serve banners from any cloud storage like Amazon S3.
  • Advertiser Categories – Organize campaigns and statistics by advertiser
  • Responsive Banners – support adaptive banner size based on browser screen size. Support mobile devices while service the correct banner size
  • Notifications – Campaign manager will receive notifications to his email when campaign stops
  • Client Plugin – Includes a client plugin which can be installed on a remote WP installation and serve campaign banners from the CM Ad Changer Server. Each server can serve many clients simultaneously
  • Statistics – Include several statistics and access log modules. Log can be downloaded in csv format. Statistics reports can be shown by month. Statistics also include geo location information by country name.
  • Restrict by Dates – Campaign can be restricted based on dates
  • Restrict by Days – Campaign can be restricted based on days in the week
  • Restrict by Domains – Campaign can be restricted based on client domains (which Ad Changer clients will be served or not per a specific campaign)
  • Restrict by Clicks – Campaign can be restricted when it reaches a max amount of clicks
  • Restrict by Impressions – Campaign can be restricted when it reaches a max amount of Impressions
  • Custom JS – JS function can be added per campaign and executed once banner is clicked
  • Extended Shortcodes – Integrate ads on every page or post using a shortcode


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  • Campaigns Management Screen
  • Update Campaign Settings
  • Update Banners in the Campaign
  • Update Dates When Campaign is Active
  • Update Days in the Week When Campaign is Active
  • Ad Server Log
  • Ad Server Statistics
  • Plugin’s Settings
  • HTML Banners
  • Ad-Sense Campaigns


Detailed User Guide

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Manage your CM Ad Changer plugin from Left Side Admin Dashboard


More FAQ’s
Detailed User Guide

How can I add banners ?

Simply add a campaign and define upload banners. You can then insert a shortcode into theme or any post or page and banner will be show as defined in the campaign parameters .


2 de Octubre, 2019 1 reply
Kept having issues with some of the pages that had more than 2 or 3 ads on it. Our Lightspeed server would give a 504 “gateway timeout” error. After researching further we realized the error was on the pages that had more than 3 ads from this software. Once we stopped using this and uninstalled it the errors stopped.


10 de Agosto, 2017
works, but reporting is not ideal
3 de Septiembre, 2016 1 reply
Out of the box support is terrible. Should not have to submit a support question to find basic info about the plugin. I am very experienced with Wordpress and this one is just NOT user friendly at all even reading ALL their FAQs. Pass
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* Fixed bugs


Release Date: 5th May 2021
* Fixed small bug


Release Date: 21st April 2019
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