Distance Rate Shipping For WooCommerce


For Woocommerce Distance Rate Shipping, add the functionality of calculating shipping fees based on the Distance between store and customer.


  • Add unlimited methods for shipping zones with distance-based shipping WooCommerce.
  • Set distance measurement standards like kilometer/mile with WooCoomerce shipping based on distance.
  • Set minimum and maximum order amount rules for shipping method.
  • Set minimum and complete order qty rule for shipping method.
  • Set minimum and top distance rules for the shipping method.
  • Fixed-rate for shipping method.
  • Formed custom name/label for shipping method.


The plugin requires Google Map’s “Distance Matrix API” to measure the Distance between store address locations and customer shipping addresses.
You have to generate an API key for “Distance Matrix API” by following the official guide from the link below:
Distance Matrix API documentation


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  2. Change Default Email Sender Name
  3. Donation Addon WooCommerce


  • Configure settings
  • Go to Shipping zones
  • Add shipping method to shipping zone
  • Select “Distance Based Shipping” from dropdown
  • Edit newly added method
  • Change method title/label and add other values


  1. Go to “https://wordpress.org/plugins/” page.
  2. In “Search plugins…” textbox type “Distance Rate Shipping For WooCommerce by tusharknovator” and press enter.
  3. click on the showed result “Distance Rate Shipping For WooCommerce”.
  4. Click on download button and save the plugin zip file on your computer.
  5. Download the plugin zip file to your computer
  6. Go to the WordPress admin dashboard menu Plugins > Add New
  7. Choose Upload Plugin” button which is besides “Add Plugins” at top of page.
  8. Upload the plugin zip file, the plugin will now be installed
  9. After the installation has finished, click the ‘activate plugin’ link


How to configure Distance Rate Shipping For Woocommerce?

You can do the following settings on the Distance Rate Shipping For Woocommerce settings page:
1. Distance matrix API key.
2. Distance measurement standard.

Why we need Distance matrix API key?

It is necessary to use the Google Maps API to calculate store and customer distance.

how we can generate Distance matrix API key?

You can generate it by following the instructions on the page linked just below the API key, or you can follow the official guide from the link below:Distance Matrix API documentation


9 de Julio, 2024
All the setting doesn’t seem to be working, if we set minimum or maximum it’s will always be catch. Also there’s a 404 for the .js file because it’s not the right name in the js/ folder. And this .js file is empty anyway.
6 de Junio, 2024
First off, the “payment per distance” needs to be set at a negative value in order to function properly, so that threw me off. Secondly, The API function doesn’t work because there isn’t an origin address setting available. Without it, you could section out things by zip code, but not by radius (which is what my website requires for delivery). Granted, anything OUTSIDE the zip code parameters are denied, but I need something that includes a radius from the store location and this plugin doesn’t function properly to provide that solution. Add an origin address option in the settings menu to allow the API to function properly and this will work. Until then, 1 star.
18 de Octubre, 2023
doesnot show up shipping title, event dont show any error, I was trying to debug plugin the custom shipping method not fired any time. plugin js file not found.. wrost plugin and wasted time
7 de Abril, 2023 1 reply
I did install the plugin and added the API code. Then I tried several orders to check it. It did not work at all. Then I wait about one hour and suddenly it works perfect. I think google needs a while to activate the API. Please make correct settings at the woocommerce shipping zone. The shipping costs per km with “.” not “,” and all the fields above has to be filled.
12 de Febrero, 2023
Did everything I was supposed to, getting the API key, etc., but still cannot get this plugin to work. Others have the same problem as indicated in the support section, all of which have gone unanswered. Complete waste of time.
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1.0.0 * First public release.