Post Kinds


Post Kinds adds support to the Classic Editor for responding to and interacting with other sites using the standards
developed by the IndieWeb by implementing kinds of posts. It is not compatible with Gutenberg.

It can also distinguish certain types of passive posts in a manner similar to post formats. While it can work alongside
post formats, it is recommended as a replacement as it is designed as a replacement using IndieWeb Post Types.

Many sites will not need all of the kinds set up. What kinds of posts you wish to publish are specific to your needs.

Privacy and Data Storage Notice

Post Kinds stores extra data in a post indicating what you are responding to. This data is either hand-added or can be parsed from the source URL if provided. This means you have additional
responsibilities to responsibly use this data, and to remove information on request.


  1. Kind Icons are currently provided by Font Awesome and are licensed as CC BY 4.0. A copy of the license notice is bundled.
  2. Chris Aldrich always receives a credit on my plugins due his regular feedback, input, and usage.

Theme Support

Post Kinds automatically adds information to the_content and the_excerpt filter. Being as this is inside the content block, which may or may not be desirable, you may remove these filters as noted
below and call kind_display directly. This will allow it to appear outside the content block. To remove the automatic display, add the following to your theme.
* add_filter( 'kind_content_display', '__return_false' );

The functions has_post_kind, set_post_kind, and set_post_kind will allow you to manipulate the kind settings in a post. get_post_kind_string will return the display name of a kind.

If you want to customize the look of the display, you can create a directory in your theme called kind_views, copy the file from the views directory of the plugin, and modify it. This will persist
through future plugin updates.


  • Here is an example of what a like looks like
  • Here is a reply to a Youtube video


The plugin requires the webmention plugin to support sending/receiving notice of a reply/like to another site which will appear as a comment. The Semantic Linkbacks plugin is available to more richly display received comments.


How does it work?

Kinds, like Post Formats built into WordPress, allow you to specify that a post contains a certain type of content. It also, based
on you classifying it that way, displays it appropriately and marks it up accordingly so outside sites can identify it. Kinds are
either a response to something, such as a URL, or a more passive type of post where you are recording/logging something you did, for
example, watched a movie.

How do I interact with other sites?

This is added by webmention support.

  1. Bob wants to reply to Sue on his own website.
  2. Sue enables webmentions(separate plugin) on her site.
  3. Bob creates a post and sets it as a reply to or a like of Sue’s post.
  4. A webmention is sent to Sue’s site, and Sue’s site uses the markup added by this plugin to determine what kind of post it is.
  5. Sue’s site stores and displays data from the post as a comment on Sue’s post.

How do I learn more?

For more information on the Indieweb and tools for WordPress, visit Getting Started on

There are too many Post Kinds

You can enable/disable more based on preference. Some may be enabled by plugins. You do not have to use ones you don’t want. Not having a post kind enabled
will not disable the functionality on existing posts, it only hides the selection in adding new posts.

What are the kinds of posts I can make?

These kinds have an analog in post formats. Adding context to one of these may make it a Passive Kind.

  • Article – traditional long form content – a post with an explicit post name(title)
  • Note – short content – a post with just plain content (also the default)
  • Photo – image or photo post – a post with an embedded image as its primary focus. This uses either the featured image or attached images depending on theme.
  • Video – video post – a post with an embedded image as its primary focus.
  • Audio – audio post – a post with an embedded sound file as its primary focus.

The Response Kinds

  • Reply – Replying to someone else’s comment
  • Repost – a complete repost of someone else’s content
  • Like – props/compliments to the original post/poster
  • Favorite – special to the favoriter
  • Bookmark – This is basically sharing/storing a link/bookmark.
  • Quote – Quoted Content
  • RSVP – A specific type of Reply regarding an event
  • Check-In – Identifying you are at a place. To show full location, the Simple Location plugin is recommended as it will display maps.
  • Issue – Issue is a special kind of article post that is a reply to typically some source code, though potentially anything at a source control repository.
  • Review – Review is a post evaluating a product, service, or experience.

The Passive Kinds

To “Scrobble” a song is when listening to it, you would make it a post on
your website. This is the most well-known example of a passive kind of post. They are formed by having content in the context box on one of these types of

  • Listen – scrobble – listening to an audio post
  • Jam – Indicating a particularly personally meaningful song
  • Watch – video – watching a video
  • Play – playing a game
  • Craft – making something…such as 3D printing, crafting, etc.
  • Read – reading a book, compared to online material
  • Eat – Representing recording what you eat, perhaps for a food diary
  • Drink – Similar to Eat

What kinds do you plan to add in the future?

The following Kinds are reserved for future use but will not show up in the
interface at this time.

  • Wish – a post indicating a desire/wish. The archive of which would be
    a wishlist, such as a gift registry or similar.
  • Weather – A weather post would be current weather conditions
  • Exercise – Representing some form of physical activity
  • Trip – Representing a trip…this represents a geographic journey and would require location awareness.
  • Itinerary – Itinerary – this would refer to scheduled transit, plane, train, etc. and does not require location awareness
  • Tag – Allows you to tag a post as being of a specific tag, or person tagging.
  • Follow – A post indicating you are now following someone’s activities
  • Mood – Mood – Feeling
  • Recipe – Recipe
  • Event – An event is a type of post that in addition to a post name (event title) has a start datetime (likely end datetime), and a location.
  • Sleep – Sleep is a passive metrics post type that indicates how much time (and often a graph of how deeply) a person has slept.
  • Acquisition – Purchased, Donated, or otherwise acquired an object
  • Question – Question is a post type for soliciting answer replies, which are then typically up/down voted by others and then displayed underneath the question post ordered by highest positive vote count rather than time ordered.

Can I add my own kinds?

I would prefer if something is popular enough to merge it into the plugin. Feel free to ask for a term to be reserved by filing an issue.
However if you are interested in creating your own there is functionality around it.

‘singular_name’ => __( ‘Reply’, ‘indieweb-post-kinds’ ), // Name for one instance of the kind
‘name’ => __( ‘Replies’, ‘indieweb-post-kinds’ ), // General name for the kind plural
‘verb’ => __( ‘Replied to’, ‘indieweb-post-kinds’ ), // The string for the verb or action (liked this)
‘property’ => ‘in-reply-to’, // microformats 2 property
‘format’ => ‘link’, // Post Format that maps to this
‘description’ => __( ‘a reply to content typically on another site’, ‘indieweb-post-kinds’ ),
‘description-url’ => ‘’,
‘title’ => false, // Should this kind have an explicit title
‘show’ => true, // Show in Settings

Add a function with your kind in the above format, hooking it in the init hook and it will add the Kind to the system.

Can I enable one of the Kinds you plan to offer in future?

set_post_kind_visibility( $slug, $show = true ) – If you add this function in early on, it will change the visibility of a kind.

Can I create archives for each kind?

Post Kinds automatically handles the display of archives of individual types. So to view all the posts marked as “note”, for example, one could visit the URL http://www.YOURSITE.COM/kind/note/.
Simply replace YOURSITE.COM with your particular site name and the particular post kind name to access the others.

You can also add the date /kind/note/2018/12/24 to see date-based archives.

For archives if you add exclude_kind as a query variable it will exclude specific kinds from the query ?exclude=kind&exclude_terms=note. You can also do this as /exclude/kind/note,checkin as it accepts multiple values

There is also a special photo photo included, using ?kind_photos=1 or /photos or /photos/yyyy or /photos/yyyy/mm or /photos/kind/note or any other taxonomy. This will use the photo enhancements introduced in 3.4.0 to only show photos from
all types of posts.

Do you have RSS feeds for each kind?

Post Kinds also automatically handles RSS feeds which can be made available or subscribed to for any of the particular kinds. The RSS feed for all the posts marked as “note”, for example could be found at either the URL or (if one doesn’t have pretty permalinks enabled). Others can be obtained by replacing “note” with the other kinds.

Do you support bookmarklets?

At the moment, a fully automatic bookmarklet is not yet part of the plugin but you can send data directly to the Post Editor

  • If you add ?kindurl=URL to the post editor URL, it will automatically fill this into the URL box in post properties
  • If you add ?kind=like to the post editor URL, it will automatically set the kind.

So – will automatically set a like with the URL

Can I post automatically outside the Post Editor?

Using the Micropub plugin for WordPress is the easiest way to post outside of the Post Editor. This will work with any Micropub client.

I installed JetPack and I am no longer getting context added to my posts

The JetPack sharing module conflicts with this plugin.

When will this plugin support the Block Editor?

I am not sure. It is not a strict priority. At this time, there is no definite time for this support. I have been gradually moving toward abstracting more of the data into the REST API
so it could more easily be added to the block editor.

How do I get support?

The Development version of the plugin is hosted at Github. You can file issues there.


1 de Marzo, 2020
I use very few WordPress plugins these days, having reimplemented most of the functionality I need into my custom theme, but this one’s still essential. Thanks for your hard work!
5 de Enero, 2020 1 reply
It works well with the Classic Editor, but not Gutenberg. If you use Gutenberg, you have switch over to Classic to set a Post Kind.
3 de Septiembre, 2016 2 replies
The recent upgrades/changes to this recently are fantastic, particularly for bookmarked articles. The tabbed layout in the UI is a nice change, as well as the AJAX retrieve which now allows easier modification after-the-fact.
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Contributors & Developers

“Post Kinds” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • 3.7.3 ( 2024-04-09 ) =
  • Ensure widget array is instantiated

3.7.2 ( 2023-12-25 )

  • Fix markup on kind_get_the_link function to allow for classes for date for overall link

3.7.1 ( 2023-12-17 )

  • Fix issue where the brackets for kind in the title were added even when there was no kind

3.7.0 ( 2023-11-24 )

  • Introduce rating property, offering 1-5 ratings
  • Introduce review post kind, which uses ratings
  • Extend ratings to Watch, Listen, Read, Eat, and Drink

3.6.5 ( 2023-10-01 )

  • Posts with no Kind will appear even when the firehose filter is enabled
  • Minimum PHP is now 7.0
  • Replace ifset with the null coalescing operator
  • Minor dependencies

3.6.4 ( 2023-01-02 )

  • Fix issue with Parse This for PHP8 and above

3.6.3 ( 2022-12-26 )

  • Minor bug fixes for error messages
  • New version of Parse This

3.6.2 ( 2022-11-21 )

  • Try to set ActivityPub type for the ActivityPub plugin based on Post Kind.
  • Update to latest Parse This Changes

3.6.1 ( 2022-07-16 )

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Update to latest Parse This changes

3.6.0 ( 2022-06-19 )

  • Fix issue with dynamic menus not appearing on custom archives
  • Fix issue with bulk edit removing data
  • Update to Parse This Version for better results
  • Add ability to filter main feed, and add secondary all kinds feed.
  • Introduce filter config option to display additions to content instead of having to remove it specifically.

3.5.12 ( 2022-01-09 )

  • Markup time appropriately in kind_link function.

3.5.11 ( 2021-11-03 )

  • Fix bug introduced in error type checking in prior version

3.5.10 ( 2021-11-02 )

  • Additional type checking

3.5.9 ( 2021-08-25 )

  • Move title generation for lists into a separate function that can be called for widgets and other items to avoid duplication
  • For photo posts in list view, show a photo thumbnail as opposed to the photo kind icon.

3.5.8 ( 2021-08-08 )

  • Improved support for widget_title filter
  • Allow for removal of icon attributes using filter.

3.5.7 ( 2021-07-27 )

  • CSS Style Changes

3.5.6 ( 2021-04-01 )

  • Introduce Craft Post Kind.

3.5.5 ( 2021-03-19 )

  • Update filter and CSS for This Week functionality.

3.5.3 ( 2021-03-16 )

  • Fix issue with spurious filter.

3.5.2 ( 2021-03-12 )

  • Fix reported minor bugs.
  • Move to GitHub Actions for Automated Testing

3.5.1 (2021-03-09 )

  • Do not Enqueue Media Fragment JS if AMP Endpoint

3.5.0 (2021-03-09 )

  • Removal of On This Day functionality to separate plugin
  • Removal of Updated functionality to separate plugin
  • Rewrite of all rewrites to simplify generation
  • Improve archive title, document title, and archive description generation.

3.4.19 ( 2021-02-22 )

  • Improve output of On This Day Widget.
  • Flush Rewrite rules on Plugin Upgrade.
  • Add ‘food’ as alias for eat,drink. Example /kind/food
  • Add ‘reaction’ as alias for bookmark,repost,like,favorite
  • Add ‘media’ as alias for watch,listen,play,read posts.

3.4.18 ( 2021-02-03 )

  • Fix bug with sending of webmentions ( props @pfefferle for discovering it)
  • Fix issue with echoing proper microformats class after recent addition of p- option for non-urls

3.4.17 ( 2021-01-22 )

  • Fix reversion issue with photos not being picked up.
  • Add check for VR/360 shortcodes
  • Mix on this day and photo template to show On This Day photo template

3.4.16 ( 2021-01-19 )

  • Fix issue with photos overrunning boundary
  • Fix issue where photos were not picked up on certain kinds of posts
  • Minor structural issues.

3.4.15 ( 2021-01-16 )

  • Rewrite existing rewrites.
  • Allow the onthisday and photos slug to be customized

3.4.14 ( 2021-01-13 )

  • Fix CSS issue for On This Day widget
  • Update checkin view to use Kind_Post function to retrieve photos
  • Look for galleries as part of photo posts
  • Add /photos rewrite to show all posts that have photos in them.
  • Fix issues with empty urls displaying.
  • Fix issue with start and end date saving caused by previous changes.
  • Do not show domain for publication when it is the same as the website.

3.4.13 ( 2020-12-25 )

  • Add On This Day Widget
  • Add /onthisday for the current day

3.4.12 ( 2020-12-18 )

  • Update dependencies
  • Remove JS scripts for time handling due issues in use
  • Fix issue with video handling
  • Minor bug fixes

3.4.11 ( 2020-11-24 )

  • Fix markup issues for checkins.
  • Add domain name as the default for publication property on display.
  • Misc markup issues.

3.4.10 ( 2020-10-24 )

  • Fix issue with Twitter summary not showing up.
  • Remove p-name markup for now from displayed name of media so it does not mess up microformats parsing.
  • Check if default name of attachment is the filename without extension and do not display if it is.

3.4.9 ( 2020-10-14 )

  • Normalize citations for use in display and metaboxes.
  • JSON-LD returns an h-card as a publication parameter, but that isn’t currently supported, so fix this in the import.

3.4.8 ( 2020-10-12 )

  • Add migration for pre 2018 data to new format.

3.4.7 ( 2020-10-12 )

  • Fix Parse This issue with normalization of atypical datetime strings to ISO8601.
  • Add additional validation to DateTime conversion in Post Kinds to check that input is a valid string and fail if it is not instead of PHP Notice
  • Add tests for Kind_Post class and add argument to get_cite to allow a specific key to be retrieved from the cite property, eliminating some duplicate code.

3.4.6 ( 2020-10-09 )

  • Add authorship display for media files
  • Add duration display for media files
  • Fix issue with saving attachment files
  • Check and enhance media metadata display options

3.4.5 ( 2020-10-05 )

  • Added additional unit tests for mf2/jf2 conversion in Parse This to see if this was causing some inconsistency issues.
  • Centralized retrieval of embed, author, and url before the view template is loaded instead of in it. Believe that this process needs to be simplified, possibly through some functions as this is what keeps causing PHP Notices and Save Errors.

3.4.4 ( 2020-10-01 )

  • Fix save and retrieve issues.
  • Parse This version now offers Twitter parsing again, using Oembed data.

3.4.3 ( 2020-09-29 )

  • Fix issue with Kind Post Widget

3.4.2 ( 2020-09-26 )

  • Fixed DateTime parsing bug in UI
  • Fixed issue with suggested permalink
  • Fixed issue with title in admin.

3.4.1 ( 2020-09-24 )

  • Introduced two bugs not discovered in testing.

3.4.0 ( 2020-09-24 )

  • Add support for the Hum URL shortener to adjust prefix based on post kind. Implementation is not strictly as per the Whistle spec as it uses some suggested prefixes.
  • When a post is updated, go through the content and extract any image, video, or audio IDs from the content and save them to meta so they do not need to be parsed each time. If there are any media items in content this will disable auto-embedding.
  • Add an Artist Name and Artist URL field to the Image Media Metadata.
  • Introduce Kind_Post class that will replace MF2_Post. Difference between the two is that MF2_Post generates all properties when you instantiate it. Kind_Post gets each property on demand.
  • Move all sideloading functions to the Media Metadata class
  • Lots of fixes to avoid duplicate media display.
  • Remove custom Micropub query source code.
  • Switch duration display to dt-duration from p-duration

3.3.6 ( 2020-08-15 )

  • Fix deprecation issues from WordPress 5.5
  • Update embed provider approval list

3.3.5 ( 2020-08-02 )

  • Parse This refresh
  • Try to fix author saving issue where author was not saving if not both name and url
  • Add offset support to Post Kinds implementation of q=source for Micropub
  • Fix Kinds showing as option in Menu Customizer

3.3.4 ( 2020-06-28 )

  • Maintenance Release
  • Parse This version updated
  • Store image credit as the author
  • Show context at bottom option not respected on feeds ( props @tonzyl on first PR )
  • Fix pagination issues on custom archive pages.
  • Master branch now the trunk branch.

3.3.3 ( 2019-09-16 )

  • Fix and improve view template search functionality
  • Set title tag from title generate function if empty

3.3.2 ( 2019-08-03 )

  • Improved logic around no Block Editor support – thanks @tw2113
  • Fix Settings Link in Plugin page – thanks @glueckpress
  • Update admin notice text for clarity – thanks @glueckpress
  • Fix issue with atom feed

3.3.1 ( 2019-06-23 )

  • Filter issue immediately reported after deploy
  • Sanity check missing

3.3.0 ( 2019-06-23 )

  • Add remote as an RSVP property
  • Add feed templates
  • Misc bug fixes
  • URL validation in JS not firing if property is empty
  • Updated Parse This
  • Rearrange Parse This filed and removed bundling SimplePie with Post Kinds from Parse This
  • HTML5 Masterminds library is now part of Parse This so new load procedure needed
  • Use new autoloader from Parse This
  • Add autoloader for included classes
  • Added Clone Media Fragment JS courtesy This allows for timestamps for audio or video
  • Fix issue with exclude argument for the default feed

3.2.6 ( 2019-05-16 )

  • Only allow citations for more than one video until improvement to media display
  • Adjust inline style again at request of theme developer
  • Fix issue with WordPress filters not being used by moving Post Kinds additions to before they are run
  • Add Nag for Classic Editor

3.2.5 ( 2019-05-14 )

  • Merge in update from Parse This that did not make it into 3.2.4 fixing saving of citation tags
  • Fix issue in new markup

3.2.4 ( 2019-05-12 )

  • Add exclude kind query var and rewrite
  • Adjust icons to relative values and prevent fatwigoo
  • Change checkin icon
  • Fix issue where post date was not being passed to widget
  • Attempt to fix permalink issue reported

3.2.3 ( 2019-04-27 )

  • Fix issue with attached media
  • Only suggest permalinks if not published
  • Fix storage issue with tags in citation
  • Hide media box when not media type
  • Fix duration storage issues

3.2.2 ( 2019-03-24 )

  • Fix issue with kindurl query
  • If no title try to generate a slug from the content or excerpt
  • Add food and drink templates and activate types

3.2.1 ( 2019-03-10 )

  • Revert load change

3.2.0 ( 2019-03-10 )

  • Switch from SVG Sprites to inline SVG
  • Adjust storage locations for included libraries
  • Refreshed version of Parse This that improves post type discovery for Micropub and parses more properties
  • Add basic template to display events and itineraries from Quill

3.1.8 ( 2019-01-12 )

  • Fix issue with Micropub posting caused by this plugin

3.1.7 ( 2019-01-05 )

  • Fix issue with new tag rewrite overwriting feed by changing tag kind archive to /kind/????/tag/?????

3.1.6 ( 2018-12-31)

  • Fix Micropub bug introduced by Parse This change.
  • Written on a JetBlue flight as the last fix of 2018

3.1.5 ( 2018-12-28 )

  • Update Parse This load to only load when needed
  • Add title to Kind Menu widget
  • Add Kind Posts Widget
  • List minimum supported version as PHP5.4 as part of a slow bump up of version requirements

3.1.4 ( 2018-12-07 )

  • Fix issue with widget
  • Declare metaboxes are not compatible with Gutenberg

3.1.3 ( 2018-12-06 )

  • Add Kind Menu Widget
  • Add onthisday redirect
  • Minor fixes

3.1.2 ( 2018-11-24 )

  • Date archive view for kind archives
  • Tag archive view for kind archives
  • The Embed template allows for a template in the theme based on post format. This allows post kinds as an alternate
  • Take over source queries for Micropub

3.1.1 ( 2018-10-14 )

  • Fix save issues for Post Kind
  • Fix auto-import for bookmarklets
  • Fix author showing anonymously
  • JSONFeed enhanced to use external url property

3.1.0 ( 2018-10-13 )

  • Missing Add New Note in Dashbar
  • Add itinerary to post type discovery
  • Do not return a failed attempt to parse a URL
  • New post kind registration function and classes replaces the previous filter and array.
  • Parse This split into a more independent library.
  • MF2 Debugger removed in favor of test parser inside admin
  • Link Preview endpoint moved to Parse This and posting capability removed due improvements in Micropub
  • Parse This now uses DOMDocument and XPath over regex. To avoid high overhead, since MF2 parsing also uses this, shift to generate DOMDocument only once.
  • Parse This now generates compliant mf2 and jf2
  • Kind_Meta class now removed as promised in prior version
  • Parsing author URLs by making a second call to the URL and parsing that is now disabled by default as making multiple calls was slowing the parsing and therefore should be optional.
  • Name of Kind Terms in Taxonomy adjusted to singular internationalized string per request
  • Descriptions of kinds and names now updated on plugin activation or loading of settings page.
  • For new posts citations should now be stored in compliant mf2 h-cites and will be refreshed on update of old posts.
  • Delete old property when changing kind
  • Finding photos, audio, and video is now in the MF2_Post class and the views are updated accordingly
  • An instance of the MF2_Post class($mf2_post), the kind($kind), the mf2 property associated with that kind($type), as well as initializing $embed and $url are available to all views
    rather than having them instantiate them individually. This means some overhead.
  • The MF2_Post class now caches the generated data in the event it is requested multiple times in a pageload.
  • The MF2 post class now checks the photo property only for remote URLs and sideloads them.
  • As of this version, Parse This is now a separate repository and all feature updates will be noted as of the next version in its separate changelog.
  • Kind now appears in REST API post controller
  • Photo Video and Audio now use the WordPress media selector and the citation should now be added in the attachment, as opposed to inside the post
  • Photo Video and Audio presentation have new functions for display that are currently wrappers around the WordPress functions but hoping to add more customization in future

3.0.9 ( 2018-06-23 )

  • If title is empty show start of excerpt in admin only
  • Set default to article if post is a published post as opposed oto the default.

3.0.8 ( 2018-06-20 )

  • Fix read template
  • Add change_kind hook that triggers when a the kind on a post is changed
  • Flush rewrite rules on plugin activation

3.0.7 ( 2018-06-17 )

  • Add support for read-of property in micropub code
  • Add direct links to post a new kind
  • Add title property to kind info array

3.0.6 ( 2018-05-14 )

  • Add option to move response to bottom
  • Restore response to jsonFEED
  • Only show text on feeds not icon

3.0.5 ( 2018-05-06 )

  • Add privacy policy
  • Change read property to read-of
  • Add mf2 data to JSONFeed
  • Improve feed handling of context in general

3.0.4 ( 2018-04-28 )

  • Add support to automatically generate enclosures on photo, video, and audio kind
  • Add player to audio and video template for provided URLs if not attached or not a known embed

3.0.3 ( 2018-04-14 )

  • Update PHP-MF2 and add HTML5 parser
  • Add support for checkedin-by property to parser
  • Add ate and drank properties to post kind discovery
  • Initial support for media files locally
  • Update Kind Archive and Description Display to support multiple terms passed through(,photo ) See notes on unsupported WordPress status( )
  • Restore post type discovery behavior to note as testing seems to work now
  • Reserve acquisition kind per request @chrisaldrich and assign icon
  • Add hidden link with u-url to rich embeds in order to parse correctly

3.0.1/3.0.2 ( 2018-02-24 )

  • Forgot to include a JS dependency

3.0.0 ( 2018-02-24 )

  • Redo metabox into new more dynamic function
  • Move metabox to default above editor
  • Hide metabox when note or article is selected
  • Show RSVP only when RSVP option is selected
  • Show Duration and Start End only on appropriate kinds
  • Add Duration selection
  • Automatically retrieve details when URL box is updated allowing button to be removed
  • Validate URL in box client-side
  • Reserve question and sleep kind
  • Activate Issue Kind due Github publish support added to Bridgy
  • Override WordPress functionality to protect against empty posts if kind metadata is present
  • Split time related functions into their own global function file
  • Remove old tab templtes and replace with new templates for dynamic functioning
  • Switch to dependency management for JS includes with npm
  • Remove/consolidate admin JS

2.7.6 ( 2017-12-23 )

  • Add audio kind view template
  • Amend video kind template to include u-video
  • Bypass micropub enhancements if micropub query as was generating error
  • Add photo capability to checkin template
  • Add safety check to Micropub filter to ensure not corrupting data

2.7.5 ( 2017-12-14 )

  • Remove support for showing settings in REST API due issue with array property
  • Add support for automatically retrieving when URL passed through from Micropub
  • Add support for automatically retrieving when URL passed through as query variable in post UI
  • Add support for simple API using REST to post
  • Multi-author data no longer dropped but not fully supported

2.7.4 ( 2017-12-09 )

  • Check for missing properties in all templates which should only happen if improperly filled
  • Switch entirely to icons from the new Font Awesome 5 release
  • Bugfixes

2.7.3 ( 2017-12-03 )

  • Change user agent
  • Parser now captures video and audio tags and attempts to identify common file extensions
  • Adding filters to make additional custom parsing possible
  • Additional site tests
  • Add specific featured image parsing
  • Fix issue with author details generating fatal error when name only
  • Fix underlying issue of collapsing single property associative arrays instead of just single property numeric arrays
  • Parsing tweaks to allow for improved data to be passed, even if not yet displayed

2.7.2 ( 2017-11-30 )

  • Remove PHP Shim library as not maintained and only used to get two extra properties from Twitter
  • Switch to Composer for quick updates to PHP-MF2 (inspired by similar move by Semantic Linkbacks )
  • Additional bugfixes for issues introduced in 2.7.0

2.7.1 ( 2017-11-25 )

  • Fix check-in markup
  • Fix errors caused by transition to arrays in 2.7.0 by not calling for single values in output

2.7.0 ( 2017-11-24 )

  • Introduction of MF2_Post class to convert the Post into MF2 properties as a replacement for Kind_Meta
  • Unit tests for Kind_Taxonomy
  • Tests revealed issue in has_kind function – fixed
  • Kind_Meta now deprecated and is a wrapper for retrieving using MF2_Post
  • Storage has changed to a nested mf2 from a simplified jf2 however returns from MF2_Post are still in the simplified JF2 by default
  • Checkin kind is now active but there is no full Post UI for it so this is primarily for use Micropub.
  • Additional improvements in template and storage.
  • Improvements in parsing different cases for the purpose of previewing links


  • Fix eat svg icon
  • Update travis and phpcs testing parameters
  • Fixes in code based on phpcs discovered parameters
  • Support additional properties in the parser and some nested microformats(h-adr)


  • Add video kind template ( props @Ruxton )
  • Restore ability to use text instead of icon
  • Add option to select icon text or no display
  • Add filter to disable icon or text
  • Add new PHP requirement option to header
  • Update Travis CI due changes


  • Enhance kind detection ( props @Ruxton )


  • Hide KSES option behind POST_KINDS_KSES flag as it confused new users. (Sorry @acegiak)
  • Allow meta tags with content first to be parsed and add Foursquare specific OGP tags
  • Move enabling of kinds into the new unified settings
  • Set checkin kind if checkin property is present in Micropub
  • Preliminary checkin template


  • Fix for absence of kind


  • Fix photo template
  • Add audio and video kind.
  • Reserve event and issue kind.
  • Fix overbroad u-photo.


  • Remove h-as properties
  • Add basic templates for some different kinds
  • Improve duration display
  • If post_ID not passed to display function will use get_the_ID
  • Remove mf2 CSS from being styled
  • Allow for child themes to add kind templates
  • Photo post will now use either featured image or gallery of attached media automatically.


  • Generation of strings being moved from individual functions to one unified function to make management easier
  • Description now appears on Archives
  • Description now appears on settings page
  • Adding of kind-type css class only to posts
  • Enhance setting of kind based on micropub properties
  • Only set post format on initial save not subsequent ones


  • Fix bug hiding metabox
  • Add drop down filter for Kinds to View Posts


  • Parsing code now rewritten to add Parse This class based on Press This parsing code
  • MF2 parsing code rewritten and consolidated – future improvements coming
  • Link Preview class now supports AJAX over REST API instead of admin-ajax
  • Start/End and Published/Updated Separated in UI
  • Duration is calculated and saved when post is saved based on start and end dates
  • RSVP property created and the RSVP kind now available as an option
  • Tags now an option for a reply-context and will be displayed as hashtags in future.
  • Facebook manual embed code removed as Facebook is now supported by WordPress as of 4.7 for embeds
  • Google Plus manual embed code removed even though Google Plus is not supported mostly because did not wish to maintain as sole exception
  • Add whitelist – oembed will only be used if one of the officially whitelisted sites is there(Filter Available). Otherwise it will use the link-preview generation. Option to disable.
  • Set default post format based on post kind.
  • Redoing of options and removal of option to remove post formats support and theme compat
  • Update help description
  • Fix Mood SVG
  • Cleanup and removal of older code


  • Simplify coding standards issues
  • Update settings
  • Add quote kind ( props @miklb )
  • Enhance parsing code in preparation for more enhancement


  • Setting of Kind from Micropub now fixed due changes in Micropub plugin
  • Micropub sets all properties as arrays including single properties and to match this will require more extensive changes.
    In interim plugin will ignore multiple values and only use the first.


  • Fix text domain
  • Compatibility check for 4.6
  • Change default to article from note, per commentary.


  • Fix error where Twitter shim is not loaded if other version of MF2 Parser is loaded
  • Reserve Recipe per Request
  • Removed the word travel and replaced with trip and itinerary…(idea from @aaronpk).


  • Refactor to initialize classes in new plugin loading class
  • Remove additional global functions
  • Switch from inline SVG to an SVG sprite
  • Switch icons back to new Genericon svg icon set with supplements from FontAwesome
  • Switch like to a heart to be in line with current thinking on this
  • Views now use a function that looks for a directory called kind_views in the theme in the event any theme wants to customize display kinds
  • Mood was added as a reserved kind per request @acegiak
  • Made some adjustments to the meta parsing to improve results


  • Remove auto-set function for kind if not post type post
  • Move global functions to the class in which they were used
  • Refine MF2 parser check to hide retrieve button if version is less than 5.3


  • Manually fix Parser which in latest version has one line that breaks compatibility with PHP 5.3
  • Disable MF2 Parser usage if version lower than 5.3


  • Remove comment transition action in favor of proposing it be moved into webmentions plugin
  • Replace send webmentions code with a hook
  • Add PHP docblocks to php-mf-cleaner
  • Update to latest version of MF2 Parser
  • Theme Compatibility CSS separated from Basic CSS and Admin CSS again
  • Remove helper functions no longer used


  • The CSS included with Post Kinds hides entry-title by default where applicable for non-aware themes.
  • Attempted to fix reported issue with wrong URL being sent webmention
  • Fix error with emoji decode test backcompat
  • Separate parsing code into separate class
  • Retire separate OGP Parser in favor of simpler built in code


  • Fix issue with improper microformats generating bad parsed results.
  • Add default kind option
  • Change how plugin handles default options by adding Defaults function
  • Bug fix by acegiak to content protection override
  • Feature added by acegiak to set default kind if no kind is set when post is saved
  • Add post_id to filter kind_response_display
  • When retrieving information on a URL, set the title to the title of the URL if no title is set
  • Add kindurl query variable to admin. If you add it to wp-admin/post-new.php with a URL then it will automatically put that URL in the URL box. For use by bookmarklets


  • Fix rendering issues when no response
  • Add support for Indieweb Plugin
  • Special rendering for excerpts


  • Changed method of retrieving svg files due server restrictions
  • Jquery Date and Time Picker now enables when HTML5 input date/time not supported


  • Attempt to fix emoji issue reported by @acegiak
  • Duration to be deprecated and replaced by start date and end date. The presence of a duration field will be used over start minus end date..
  • Start/Published Date and End/Updated Date have an updated input field instead of a text string
  • Response caching removed due limited utility
  • Removal of older code in favor of new templating system for each kind. Have tried this before, but really want to make it work.
  • Font icon replaced with SVG icons.
  • Retrieve button now generates an alert if the URL box is blank or does not have a URL.
  • Start of help system
  • Hooks for possible future author data to be stored/retrieved from a nicknames cache
  • Activation of the jam post kind, previously reserved.
  • Addition of the read post kind, reflecting having read a book, as opposed to shorter content.
  • Reserving of the quote post kind, for excerpting. Will be added in future version


  • Minor Tweaks and Bugfixes from changes in 2.2.0.
  • Inputs Sanitized for Your Protection
  • Summary currently shows summary of input if available. Full content is parsed if marked up with microformats, however this, like many elements, is not currently used.
  • Rewrote storage protocol for better retrieval but still in intermediate state.
  • Plan to rewrite and improve the display functionality with more templates for version 2.3.0.


  • New Tabbed Metabox – More Fields are Always Desired and this new design allows for more fields to be added without overwhelming the interface
  • AJAX Enabled Retrieve Function instead of Automatic Retrieval
  • New Fields for Citation (Published, Updated, Featured Image)


  • Fix priority – user entered values should override parsed ones
  • Add filters for parsing from additional markup and building the metadata
  • Support for microformats2 import of metadata in addition to existing support for OpenGraph
  • In the next version, will be rewriting the additions to the post editor. per request, it will give more control over the automatic parsing.
  • Webmentions are now only sent if the new status is publish


  • Bugfixes from Version 2.1.0
  • Removal of Semantic Linkbacks code due upgrade in Semantic Linkbacks making it unnecessary


  • Metadata Processing will be centralizing in the Kind_Meta class
  • Continuing to move toward WordPress Coding Standards including inline documentation
  • Fixes for the OpenGraph Parsing of Content to Fill Additional Metadata
  • Metadata fields not part of the user interface to be stored for future use
  • You can now pre-select a …