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TrustMate – Reviews for your shop and products at you WooCommerce site. Generate valuable traffic and profit more than others!

How does TrustMate work?

TrustMate is an innovative commerce marketing platform that supports businesses of various scales in gathering
and displaying customer reviews, images, and questions and answers at every stage of the customer’s purchasing process.
By leveraging these elements across multiple social platforms, TrustMate empowers brands to establish buyer confidence,
enhance website traffic, and boost conversion rates.

Enhance the online presence of your website and boost your conversion rate by harnessing the power of client reviews
through TrustMate. By utilizing TrustMate, you can achieve the following:

  • Maximize your returns compared to equivalent investments in online advertising.
  • Attract more committed and decisive clients.
  • Cultivate a strong and reputable brand image in the online sphere.

Trusted by renowned brands such as Sizeer, Decathlon, 4F, Wittchen, NewBalance, Adidas and many others, TrustMate offers
you the following benefits:

  • Company and product reviews that bolster your reputation.
  • The esteemed Trustworthy Company Certificate.
  • A prominent Business Card on TrustMate.
  • Widgets featuring company and product reviews, enabling you to garner stars in Google search results.
  • Increased website traffic for your store.
  • Acquiring new clients through social proof.
  • The ability to upload existing product reviews.
  • Redirecting traffic from gathered reviews back to your website, further expanding your online reach.


  1. Install the plugin directly from the WordPress plugin marketplace, searching for TrustMate
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. A new option called will appear in the menu. Go there.
  4. Pick one of the options “I have an account” or “Create an account”

In order to make the registration easier for you we will use the data you have provided
at your WooCommerce store. Creating an account is done with one click.


Can I upload the reviews I have already collected to TrustMate?

Yes, absolutely! You can import the reviews you have already gathered into TrustMate. The wealth of experience you have accumulated over the years is highly valuable to us. That’s why we allow customers to upload previously collected company and product reviews.

How to start?

Just create your account and you have access to TrustMate services. No credit cards or other commitments required.

How does TrustMate work?

We enable you to collect and present reviews. We help with building your credibility and increase traffic on your website.

How hard is to integrate TrustMate?

You don’t need technical skills. You can use our plugin and setup everything is several minutes.

Can I test the tool for free?

We have 3 months test period.

What happens when the free trial ends?

After testing, we indicate which package is best for the client.

Will I get a higher invoice when I exceed the limit?

We don’t do anything without our clients knowledge! If you send too many invitations, their excess accumulates in the sending queue.
This means that you need a higher package or you can wait for the limit to be renewed.

How long does the subscription last?

We have two subscription periods of 1 and 12 months.


6 de Julio, 2024
excellent value.
15 de Junio, 2023
It is not possible to configure any plugin settings in the plugin menu.There are no advanced settings for displayed widgets directly in the plugin menu.It is not possible to download widget codes directly from the plugin menu.All these things can be done, but it requires an additional login to the website. Apart from the mentioned disadvantages, the whole thing works very well.
3 de Diciembre, 2021
This plugin was so easy to install and we had it up and running in no time. We’ve found our having the reviews in a prominent position has added trust and our sales have increased due to this. We also like that we have notifications if we get a 3 star review, which allows us to have a dialogue with the customer and enables a resolution, which in most cases has seen the customer change their initial star rating and award a 5 star for customer service. It’s a win-win situation. Cannot recommend it enough.
13 de Septiembre, 2021
This plugin really rocks. Not only it helps me gathering reviews in a speed of light, but also it displays them in a beautiful way via many different widgets directly in my store: (both on its main site, as well as product reviews on my product cards) It has a unique, clickable HINTS BASED SYSTEM to provide very long reviews full of keywords. And the most funny thing is that my customers do not need to write them, but just choose them by pointing and clicking from very big dictionaries of prepared sentences. I could also adjust these dictionaries to better describe my shop. This tool boosted SEO of my shop rapidly, but also rised customers trust in my business. I do recommend it. You will be astonished how many other additional features it has. Just give it a try.
25 de Agosto, 2021 1 reply
They collect all your site emails and send spam. Not cool.
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Contributors & Developers

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  • Updated suggested consent for shop regulations.
  • Updated CS translations.


  • Updated CS translations.


  • Added support for colleting product GTIN-s from Rank Math Pro plugin.


  • Made multihornet widget slighty faster avoiding one request during rendering
  • Upgraded chupacabra widget description to version 2
  • Owl widgets (the one with badges) can now be turned off from plugin
  • Fixed stars on hornet widget


  • Make widget JS scripts deffered to improve content loading time


  • Added support for renewed badger widget.
  • Improved collecting product microdata for variable products.


  • Added support for new and redesinged widgets.
  • Redesigned widget configuration page.
  • Added translations for: bulgarian, czech, german, greek, french, italian, lithuanian and swedish.


  • Added support for instant reviews (just after purchase).